Traveling With Infant And Children

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Karisas Travel is writing this article from the experience of others,for the benefits of those who have not traveled with his/her baby’s before or who have been traveling with his/her baby but have always been charged for there baby along side them. This article is written and compiled by Karisas. Travel
Customers traveling with infant should have this information to guide them through as long as your infant traveling is under 2years and over 7 days old and traveling with someone who is above15 years old, then be informed that you are not expected to buy a seat for them and can lap them for free.

A child is considered a lap child From 7 days to 23 months, and need not to be paid a seat though, customers may decide to buy a seat for the infant due to their own personal reasons.
The moment a child hits his/her second birthday that child is no longer considered infant/lap child, therefore seat have to be bought before he/she will be allowed to travel, in the case were you have airlines doubting the age of a baby’s birth certificate will be tendered as a proof.
Guidelines for those with infants
Most aircraft, lap children are not allowed to seat in the first or second row.
For infant having health issues, requiring for incubator or life support system, will not be accepted for travel and will be denied boarding out rightly.
Only one lap child is allowed for each customer.

Traveling With Children

What other transportation company refers to as children is different from what airlines generally considers to be children for airlines, it’s generally consider a “child” to be from 2years to 11years. Airlines consider s anyone who range within this bracket a child and must therefore purchase their own ticket and occupy their own seat because they are not to be lapped.
 For some domestic flights children fair are usually same as adult fair, depending on the destination and airline.
Boarding internationally child air fares are giving 25% discount to pay 75% of the full fare.
Do my kids need any form of identity to travel?
For those traveling domestically you will not be asked to tender any form of identity as far as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. 
Traveling International flight from Nigeria, you will need a child passport together with the parent or guidance details and he/her paper work must be complete, please not that when flying with a child always go along with he/her birth certificate as proof to avoid disappointment.

Children baggage allowance.

Children from 2years to 11years purchase their own ticket because they are given their own seat; children from the above age are not to be lapped on, therefore are subjected to the same services rendered to adult. General baggage allowance for both child and adult are 7kg for carry–on and 2pcs of 23kg each for checked baggage.

What entertainment options are there for kids and adults ?

Kids can individually start any film, CD, series or game on there screen individually. Stop, pause, move forward or backward  whatever you like. 
Our on-board entertainment guarantees unlimited fun above the clouds.

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Choose from over one hundred and forty films and just as many television programes. The current blockbusters, award-winning documentaries and most popular television series are waiting for you readily available. To make it more spicy, you can also listen to over four hundred different CD’s and a wide range of music channels.

For our kids, we have various kid films like, cartoons, computer games and the kids music channel. Our entertainment are updated regularly.For those yet to be On Board, you can check out the current programme.

On long haul flights, we entertain our younger passengers with films for all ages, computer games and with our music channel for children.

Traveling with children
For Children there are Quality headphones to enjoy the full scope of our entertainment programme are available.

the Wings Entertain app for free before your next flight to enjoy the
full offer. In order to take advantage of the entertainment offer on
your notebook you will need the browser plug-in Microsoft Silver light
and the most recent version of Internet Explorer.


  • TV shows.
  • Music.
  • Coloring pencils.
  • Travel games.
  • Take home Toys after landing.

All airlines allows you to personalize programme to suit your own preferences:
Special features for children:
​A wide selection of cartoon blockbusters
Different TV series
Varieties of songs and audio books
Flight and destination information
​Wings Shop and Wings Bistro​The most popular YouTube clips

Food options for children on-board

 For Domestic airline 

  • Snack.
  • Juice soft drink.
  • Cookies.
  • Chips.
  • Savory biscuits.
  • Fresh sandwiches.

International airline

For international airline you can request for child’s meal when making booking to indicate whatever treat you want.
 It’s of great impotence that all travelers brings a bottle of water to keep hydrated while flying even though it is usually offered on-board.

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