SA Visa Application Form Complete Check List. 2018/19 Policies

SA Visa Application Form Complete Check List. 2018/19 Policies. South Africa Visa application forms And Requirements for entering 2018/2019

The correct forms for these are as follows, as issued by the Department of Home Affairs.

  • Medical certificate BI-811
  • Radiological report BI-806
  • Applying for a visa to visit South Africa
  • Most non-South African citizens wishing to enter South Africa must have a valid visa. The visa states the purpose and duration of the visit.

Listed below are the forms that you will need to complete in order to apply for your visa or permit. Please note that the exact documentation that needs to be provided with your application is listed on the separate page for each visa or permit on this site. APPLY ONLINE


Requirements for entering South Africa

Who needs to apply for a VISA to South Africa?

People who do not have South African passports need to apply for visas. This includes people who want to come to South Africa for a holiday or for business.