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Malnutrition Causes | Malnutrition Symptoms – Health Risks

Malnutrition Causes | Malnutrition Symptoms – Health Risks for the Child in Long Term

Malnutrition Causes – Malnutrition Symptoms – Health Risks for the Child in Long Term – Maternal under nutrition causes metabolic and other changes in the foetus, which program its metabolic responses following birth for example, a foetus that malnourished adapts by reducing insulin and glucose production.

  1. Firstly, malnutrition causes
  2. malnutrition symptoms
  3. types of malnutrition
  4. malnutrition in children
  5. also, malnutrition diseases
  6. malnutrition definition
  7. malnutrition treatment
  8. lastly, prevention of malnutrition

Common Factors

More than 100 thousand cases per year (Nigeria)
Medium-term: resolves within months
Usually self-treatable

Lab tests or imaging rarely required.

Malnutrition occurs when the body doesn’t get enough nutrients.
Causes include a poor diet, digestive conditions or another disease.
Symptoms are fatigue, dizziness and weight loss.
Untreated malnutrition can cause physical or mental disability.
Treatment must address any underlying conditions and replace missing nutrients.
Ages affected.

Consult a doctor for medical advice.

Sources: College of Medicine, University of Ibadan and others. Learn more

This is through to program and permanently alter the individual’s glucose and insulin metabolism throughout their life and increase the risk of chronic nutritional disorders including type 2 diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome and obesity. you can also see

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