Passport Guide:Lost Your International Passport? Follow This Steps to Replace It

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Is your Nigerian passport missing? 

Oh my God! And you are thinking
the devil is behind this hahahah please face the reality and let’s look for a
way out before looking for who to put the blame on.

I want to help you, just like I have always done. Now let me
crawl with you through the practices of fast replacing your missing, lost or
stolen travel Documents, regardless of whether you are abroad or here in

Guide on How to Get Back Your Missing Passport

Quickly report to the nearest police Headquarters if abroad
report also to the nearest Nigerian Embassy or see the Consulate
Get enough documents to showcase your general character and
Nigerian Citizenship
Pay your international Nigerian passport and get your new
travel document ready by calling us today or by visiting the nearest Nigerian immigration

Check This Out

Guide and Warnings on Missing Nigerian Passports
If you have a copy of your passport page then that makes it
very easy in getting another travel permit.
If you are having a tough time or thinking of when or how
long it could take you to get your travel permit replace. Then border no more. It
can take nothing less than 24 hours but all still depends on how fast you act.
International Passport and how swiftly you can display your
citizenship and identity.
Misplaced Nigerian Passport From a foreign country?
In depth directions on how to replace passports from a
foreign country

Great steps to follow

Step 1:
Report your stolen Nigerian Passport immediately by getting to
the nearest Nigerian Embassy or better still get to meet the Consulate.
Try to identify yourself with the Nigerian department
Administrations informing them of the calamity or theft and you have to provide
elements of why you need your travel permit as quickly as possible.
Step 2:
You will be required to fill a form which will be accessible
in an electronic structure.
Fill out online form on renewal, lost or fresh Passport and reinstallation.
Answer all detailed questions as expected.
Do not sign or date the form yet as you are to do that at
the Embassy (Nigeria).
Step 3:
Documents to be presented for first issuance Reissuance and
substitution of Lost Nigerian Passport.

  • Two Passport photos
  • Consent Letter of Parents of applicant(s) less than sixteen
    years of age
  • Online application form printed and signed
  • Payment copy and acknowledgement copy.

Reissuance of Passports

  • Two Passports estimated photos
  • Duplicate of Residence Permit
  • Submit e-Passport and its information page to the Embassy
  • Signed application form (with the Immigration service)
  • Printed out payment copy and acknowledgement copy.

Substitutions of Lost Passports

  • An application is presented to the Ambassador for
    re-issuance of lost Nigerian passport
  • Two Passport photos
  • Present a Copy of Residence Permit
  • A copy of Police report on the lost Nigerian International
    Passport which will be translated in English
  • Please note that the above documents listed are to be
    scanned and forwarded to any Nigerian Embassy.
Re issuance of lost passport can only be approved from the
Nigeria Immigration Service in Abuja.
Step 4:
If you are sure of the document tendered with proofs then it
simply means you are ready for a meeting with a Nigerian consular (No need to
Panic he/she is a fellow Nigerian like you).

What do I need to present to the Consular:

  • Your own filled out Form from Nigerian Immigration website.
  • Personal Data, including: (In the online form)
  • Your full names
  • Place of Birth
  • Date of birth (dob)
  • Next of Kin
  • Police Report:
This is the time to present your Police report in respect to
your missing or stolen travel permit.
Please a police report is required so don’t even think of
negotiating as it is compulsory.
Step 5:
Have it in mind that you will pay reissuance of passport fee
before your travel permit will be issued back for the same full 5 year duration.
Passport will be issued the moment your personality and
citizenship are established by the immigration Head office in Abuja
Hope this was helpful please share

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