Great Bbc Hausa Lang @ Www.Bbchausa.Com Portal-Bbc – BBC portal delivers it update to you in Hausa language and the online portal deliver all it news in local language and the local language is known as Hausa and the portal is called     this website is trending enlighten, educative, interesting portal to be on. To login bbc hausa, click here

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Great Bbc Hausa Lang @ Www.Bbchausa.Com Portal-Bbc


BBCHAUSA NEWS is all about news that is written in Hausa language,    BBCHAUSA focus all it trending news on sport, weather, radio, and both local and international news.

What more can an Hausa man ask for online again?


Great Bbc Hausa Lang @ Www.Bbchausa.Com Portal-Bbc

This portal basically created by an entrepreneur to enable all Hausa men and women, home and abroad, to read news in local dialect.

If you are a Hausa man or woman and you are looking for a portal that can deliver news in your language, and then search no more because BBC HAUSA is here to help you.

Furthermore, to read news in your local dialect in your mobile device or computer visit this portal has a beautiful theme that looks like that of vanguard news portal, this is one of the beast native website you can ever find.

Finally, the website has been able to stay relevant and up-to-date to it users. Am not sure if there is any other portal that update their news in local dialect apart from