Ecuador travel news, visa, requirement -ECUADOR VISA (S) AND REQUIREMENT: TRAVEL NEWS-Travel Update: Traveling no doubt is fun – Are you Planning on a holiday or visiting a family in Ecuador from Nigeria? This web-site will help you identify whether a person will need an Ecuadorian visa and further assist you through the visa application procedure. This Website will assist you in giving out relevant information that can help in obtaining an ECUADOR visa.

Travel News – Travel Update – Should you require an Ecuadorian tourist visa, you will furthermore be able to request or download the required visa forms for travelers from Nigeria.A website will be mad available for you on where you need to download the form.

Ecuador travel news, visa, requirement

Who needs the Ecuadorian tourist visa?

General Ecuadorian tourist visa requirements for Nigerian 

Who are the people requires the Ecuadorian holiday visa for traveling from Nigeria?


Getting an Ecuador visa is not a difficult task, Ecuadorian tourist visa is given for a controlled period of leisure travel and no business pursuits permitted. A visitor visa stamp or sticker placed by a Ecuadorian visa officer on your passport that lets you visit Ecuador.


Ecuadortravel news, visa, requirement

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Ecuador travel news, visa, requirement

When traveling to Ecuador there are little things you need to be aware of. Travel visa for Ecuador usually are issued by the Ecuadorian consulate in Abuja or in the nearest city to your regular residential address. When applying for a Ecuadorian tourist visa, you can be expected to explain the reasons for traveling to Ecuador cool down we will give you more to help you.

General Ecuadorian tourist visa requirements for residents of Nigeria

Below are what you are expected to have or come with when hoping to travel to Ecuador, please read below;

Ecuador travel news, visa, requirement

  1. First you must Fully have completed visa form for Ecuador and mandatory declaration
  2. well sized Passport size photographs
  3. an UN-expired international passport and one copy
  4. Current /Confirmed of valid visa if you’re citizen of another country and one copy
  5. Statement of account
  6. Confirmation letter from your travel health insurance for Ecuador stating the policy coverage and one copy
  7. Reference letter from your employer or education establishment
  8. Evidence of group travel/ hotel room reservation in Ecuador / airline ticket reservation for Ecuador and one copy
  9. Evidence of Visa fees for Ecuadorian visa
  10. Please make sure to click on Ecuadorian visa info to check if you will need a holiday visa to travel to Ecuador or the up-to-date tourist visa requirements for Ecuador.


Ecuadorian visitor visa
This kind of visas is issued for individuals going to Ecuador for holidays, tourism, recreation or to visit friends and family in Ecuador. In case you are an Ecuadorian national, you do not have to apply for an Ecuadorian visa Travel News and Update.
Ecuadorian business visa
This kind of visa is issued to foreigners either to discuss with business associates, going to a scientific, educational, professional, or business conference or any other kind of conference, settle an estate or discuss a contract in Ecuador Ecuador business visa.
Ecuadorian transit visa
This kind of visa lets you travel via Ecuador for no more than 24 to 72 hours if either you need to enter Ecuador on your way to another country or you are going to join a ship as a member of the crew Please take note Ecuadorian Transit Visa.
In most cases, you can include dependent children on your visa application should they be visiting together with you on your passport. You may not need to make an application for this visa.

Ecuadorian student visa
This kind of visa is usually issued to undertake a course in Ecuador. Student visas tend to be short-term visas that let a person to visit Ecuador for a specific time period to undertake a course at an Ecuadorian educational establishment Student should please get more info before applying for Ecuador Visa.
Ecuadorian Working Visa
This kind of visa is commonly provided to work in Ecuador. In general, you must have a appropriate Ecuadorian visa with work rights. An array of temporary and permanent work visas are available for Ecuador. To more on Ecuador work visa contact KARISASTRAVEL.COMPlease note: Make sure you get the correct Ecuadorian visas where required and it is your obligation to obtain them.

Ecuador travel news, visa, requirement

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